Studio Room

(10m x 6.5m)

* There is office space for three work stations, full unlimited wi-fi, surround-sound audio, multi-channel TV, blue-ray, iPod docking, computer-access system, 9 metres of Afghan cushion seating area, and a hardwood oak floor which can also be used as a yoga/pilates/aerobics area.

* The Studio is directly linked to the Bedroom via an internal door. The huge Velux windows allow for a warm and very bright ambiance during the daytime. The double doors open out to the Main Terrace with views over the surrounding farmland.

* During the evening the low level lighting and huge comfortable Afghan cushioned seating area is perfect for relaxing and enjoying TV or music. Additional camel bags and desert cushions give ample space for all guests to chill and enjoy.

* A perfect facility for office work, academic revision, a quiet zone, or work-out area with an audio facility for music.

The studio saved us as I could work uninterrupted during the day as the children’s mayhem reined outside!

Paul Jeffrey

Both families enjoyed using the Studio to it’s full… we particularly loved having a completely seperate recreation area in addition to the Main House

Sophie Sandford