Garden Studio

(10m x 6.5m)

* Beautiful en-suite double/twin Bedroom, in addition to the large bright Studio work and recreation room – unique to traditional houses in the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains National Parks.

* Hardwood oak flooring, bright natural lighting during the day and low level lighting during the evening. The Studio can also be used as a space for a baby’s cot, with direct access to the Bedroom and en-suite bathroom facilities.

* The studio also has full wi-fi access in addition to offering three work stations and a full audio-visual surround sound system, with ample floor space for yoga, pilates and aerobics. The Afghan cushion sofa area, with low level lighting, provides guests with a comfy relaxation area.

* French double doors in the Bedroom and Studio open onto the patio. Large windows provide the whole building with a fresh lightness, especially on bright summer days. Even during ‘dig-in’ winter days the Studio can be lit purely by natural light.

* As a stand alone facility the Garden Studio is very popular with guests looking for a separate space set aside from the Main House, for grandparents keen on a slightly quieter area, or teenagers needing to get away from the main party. It is perfect as a stand-alone office, a chillout zone or private workout area. It’s perfect during hot summers as well as on a rainy day, for revision or work, as a play room, an artist’s studio… or a slob out area. Bring your own Wii.

You have done a fantastic job including the Garden Studio at Llwyn-y-Fron… we love it

Lucy Richards

Superb to have a working area and ‘grandparents escape zone’ – we will return!

Hamish Hughes